My metamask account that connect with Trezor is lost

I connect metamask with trezor 2 accounts but I delete an expension and add it again.
when I login metamask by seed phrase. I lost one account that connect with trezor. How can I bring account back?? Please help me and give me more suggestion.

Hi @TarNiiZz

Could you please clarify what exactly do you mean by that as Metamask and Trezor seed phrases are different and so are its accounts. So if you have recovered your wallet using Metamask seed it won’t recover your Trezor accounts as well because their are derived from different (its own seed).

To connect your Trezor accounts to Metamask again just click on connect hardware wallet, export public key, type passphrase if used to create hidden wallet(s) and you will be offered list of addresses to export.
So you can just choose the address you have previously used.

Hi, MichaIZ
I already connect Trezor accounts to Metamask and connect hardware wallet. BUT I found only 1 account and 1 account is lost.

Could you please use following tool FindETH in order to find the ETH address in question while using same seed (device) and passphrase (if enabled and used).

Hi i have the same problem. When i remove and add again MM i cant find my trezor account. I can not find it on list given by trezor. I never used passphrase in making transaction on my trezor. Pls help me fix this. Btw i can only see the account address on bscscan and polygon scan.and the tokens that was with it :frowning: thank you for taking time reading my problem.

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Hi @TarNiiZz
I have the same issue, did you find a solution to recover your account?

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Hi didi you find a solution to this issue? I too cannot find the account I originally hard for trezor on Metamask
Thank you for your help


In case you can’t see the address with your funds in step “Select an account”, you connecting a different wallet to MetaMask. Either you have a different recovery seed in your Trezor or you use a different passphrase.

You can check if you have the correct recovery seed in your Trezor with “dry-run recovery” feature.

In case recovery seed in your device matches your recovery seed backup, the only way how to access a different wallet (with different addresses) is with a different passphrase.

To learn more about passphrase I can recommend watching video in this thread: Using passphrase in Trezor Suite, MetaMask and other apps

i have these problem !
i wanna set my wallet to another mm !
and when i coneccted my wallet i don’t see my wallet address!
how we can find this !

im set a new wallet with conecte hardware trezor to metamask.
also i want set this wallet to other MM , how can i set up this?
when i open new mm and set Hardware wallet ! i cant see my eth address !

Hi @mohammadalihd,

the reason why you can’t see your ETH wallet is described in the post you replied to (My metamask account that connect with Trezor is lost - #8 by radekP)

i really have this problem ! about lost my wallet address! and freezing when i want to sign transaction !
how we can fix it ?
we really promised to trezor ! and now the frist address walet i use it is lost!
i been seen so many people has this problem ! why nobody can’t answer ???