I had my trezor hacked!

Ticket 158319 - 12/16/2022.

On December 9 I did a transfer of 0.0018579 BTC from my Trezor to a DEX BISQ Wallet, I have this transaction registered in my Trezor Suite. By the way, I always use the Suite.

The balance in my Trezor shows, until today, the right BTC quantity, however, I had 0.16 BTC from one of my wallets in the Trezor transferred for an unknown wallet, in the same block of the Bisq transfer described above. The unknown transaction was made WITHOUT MY ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Besides, I don’t have this transaction registered in my Trezor.


  1. I bought my Trezor T on Amazon on May 21, 2021, from SatoshiLabs - Order 114-8238880-4664208
  2. I backup my seeds on paper ONLY and it be safe in my safe box.
  3. I only use Trezor SUITE on my Macbook.

I ask for @Satoshilabs. How this is possible? I wasn’t asked to make the Hack transaction in my Trezor. I still with the correct balance in my Trezor. I don’t have the hack transaction on my Trezor Suite and it’s just impossible for a hacker had been accessed to my seeds on paper.

I need to know what happened with the security hard wallet.

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