How to transfer coins not listed in my wallet

I want to transfer coins like QNT, SYS and others that looks available in Trezor T but when I configured the wallet there is not the option to store that coins into it. I don’t want to risk to lose my money so I would like to know how should I transfer my coins here safely.

If you mean QNT as in Quant (QNT), it’s an ERC-20 token and you have to add it to your Ethereum account. See here for how to add an ERC-20 Token in Trezor Suite. The process is the same for all ERC-20 tokens.

If you mean SYS as in Syscoin (SYS) then it’s supported by your Trezor device but not in Trezor Suite, so you have to use a third party wallet called Electrum-SYS to interact with this coin.

Thank you. What about HBAR is possible to store it in the Trezor T wallet?

To see whether a coin can be stored in trezor, you can look at the exchange’s withdrawal chain.
If it have erc20 or bep20, bsc, you can store it.

It’s not listed in the official Supported coins & tokens list and it’s not an ERC-20 token, so probably not. I’ve never heard of HBAR so a link would be nice.

Is this one
I don’t think Trezor support this maybe I can check if I can connect any of those wallets to Trezor like with Metamask but no idea if is possible.

Does not seem to support

Another question no related. Can I use 2 different Trezor devices in the same laptop on the same app. Is that not an issue? Also how can I change the language? I have it in spanish but the translation is not very good I would rather use it in English.


settings Application Language

Ok one last silly question is any correct way to logout or I should just disconnect the device and is ok?

You only need to unplug the usb port of the computer, which can also reduce the wear and tear of the M-USB port of the trezor device.

I tried adding Tellor Tributes (TRB) ERC-20 token address to my Trezor T but for both the old and the new address that they have recently changed to, I get a red error message for both “Invalid Address”. I am concerned that if I deposit both ETH and TRB using the same Ether address, I will not be able to readily identify and transfer out my TRB tokens? Please advise. Thanks

Also, how can I look up the correct Crypto coin addresses within Trezor and make sure that you support them? RVN for example.


The Exodus wallet pairs with the Trezor. That’s just a cool feature and doesn’t really have anything to do with this…:point_right:t2: While not a cold wallet, you CAN store HBAR in the Exodus wallet.

Yes I am using Exodus for now but I would really like to store it in a cold wallet as is always safer