Double Spending BTC

How do i double spend a unconfirmed transaction? Or send someone BTC and be able to double spend it when it’s unconfirmed?
What’s the steps to do it
Thank you

Double spending for the same transaction is not possible.

If your transaction is delayed/stuck because of too little gas, try to bump the fee up with Trezor Suite. This function is called Replace By Fee (RBF for short) and enables you to replace the fee amount you originally sent with a higher one.

Note that the bump fee feature only works if it was enabled when you sent the original transaction and if there are no previous transactions (with a lower nonce number) before the one you bump. So you must set the function in Trezor suite ON before you send the initial transaction and you must bump the first iteration in the queue, if you have sent more than one. Also see this post for more info.

RBF works with both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions.