Can't access my Trezor metamask nor Ronin first accounts

Hello I use Google chrome, I have created 25 Trezor ronins accounts and just the first one is NOT allowing to log in in marketplace or ever send Tokens out of it. Also same issue happens with just the first account I created on metamask with 2 ETH and 1.2 BNB , can’t transfer/swap or do anything since the 2nd pop up confirmation in the Hard wallet device never arrives and stays bugged.

Please i need urgent help.

PD: tried installing Metamask and Ronin in a different browser and can’t find the wallts accounts.

Hi @KojisanNFT,

Please search the forums, as I believe this has been answered before.
Also see these two videos, made by one of our community members:

Thanks for response but I did connect Trezor right to Metamask and Ronin, my isue now is literally the FIRST trezor account created is not allowing me to move my NFT, Token or log in in a market place. I looked all over the forums, can’t find a case like mine. For example: This is my Trezor account in Metamask ETH, i was able to put $ in, now i can’ even swap or anything.