Adding Solana to Trezor T

Hi! Acquired Trezor T and found with regret that he did not support Solana. Are there any plans to add this coin in the future? (Please do not upset me)

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hi @tipych , no there are no plans to add more coins at the moment.

Please see more here: New coins support

Obvisialy it’s easy to critisize from outside and Shatoshi Labs probaly has its reasons but I gotta be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with my choice to buy Trezor T. Trezor is probably one of the most safe hard wallet but, it doesn’t support most of my cryptos. No, I don’t have those unknown tokes. They are big ones alread such as SOL etc…

Hi @Lee, we are sorry that you are disappointed. Our main focus is currently on improving our Trezor Suite app, where we want not have more coins supported natively.


Could you please elaborate a little more about what you mean here?

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@Petosiris for instance, we’re working on implementing ADA in Trezor Suite: Hence no need for using a third-party wallet anymore.


Yes, I know. What I didn’t understand was the appended sentence in bold (and especially the word “not”). I thought the goal was to have more coins supported natively in Trezor. :slight_smile: I understand now that the goal and long time policy hasn’t changed recently.