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I transferred all my coins from Exodus to Trezor model T a while ago. I connected to my Trezor yesterday, and it is showing a zero balance. However, in Exodus, my Trezor is showing the correct balance. I emailed support, and they responded it might take up to 20 days for them to get back to me. Things like this make me nervous. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi @Carl

Thanks for submitting a ticket. We will come back to you ASAP.

i have the same problem - no answer to this problem?

No I have not. Trezor is painfully slow when replying. If I could get a dialogue going with them I think we could have resolved this in a day or two but they take forever to reply. I hope that get their act together!

I am still waiting for this to be resolved. Somebody needs to focus on this and provide a solution. Thank you. ticket ID: 90907 - ticket ID: 91782

I fixed my problem - I inadvertently created a pass phrase…. Voila - as soon as I e trees my passphrase all goos

I am still waiting to resolve this. As you suggested I am using a different email as you thought outlook was causing our communication issues. I have not received an help since then. Why does it take so long to get some help?

Hi @Carl

Please, check your inbox and come back to us. Thanks.

I have checked my in box and sent all the information you asked for but have not heard back. I am confident I did not enable a passphrase because of the four security items all were marked with a green checkmark except for passphrase. There as to be another reason that my balance is showing zero. I can see the correct balance in Exodus under the Trezor icon so it must be there.

I am posting again because the only information I have found about why my account is showing a zero balance is from entering the wrong passphrase, but I did not enable the passphrase option.

• I can see my balance in Trezor using the Trezor icon in Exodus, and it goes up and down as the market goes up and down. Why does Exodus think it’s in Trezor, but Trezor shows a zero balance?
• In Exodus, the sent to address matches the blockchain destination address
• I can see my XRP on the blockchain
• I can see my XLM on the blockchain
• If the blockchain is where the record is kept, how come I can’t see it in Trezor?

Please any help is appreciated

Carl, I moved your message into this forum topic, since your case is already handled by Community support through email. Please don’t post new topics about the same issue, but use the communication channel you’ve established through the ticket. Thank you for understanding!


Carl, please, check email for updates.

I’ll copy-paste the reply I sent to you, so others can learn more about similar issues.

If receiving addresses involved in tx you referred to would be part of the wallet generated by Trezor, then you should be able to locate these addresses by using other apps then Exodus as well. Trezor keeps stored only master private key (represented by recovery seed) from which wallets, accounts, and addresses are always generated in the same order. Using passphrase would create a hidden wallet on top of that.

Some applications have certain limits, though.

For example, if you were using let’s say the 11th XRP address generated by Trezor device, used by Exodus app, you might not see that in Suite. The reason is that Suite is adding addresses one by one, and generates a new one only if the previous was used already. But this is rather a theoretical scenario.

Seeing addresses on blockchain doesn’t mean anything basically. Anybody can see all the records on blockchains. The thing is that private key for that particular address is needed for signing transactions.

However, if you are able to spend your funds by using Exodus, then you are fine.

In the opposite case, the only way to access the same wallets and accounts is to use the same combination of recovery seed and passphrase (if enabled and used).

Here is an update to my previous post with more information and some questions.

I am trying to understand better why I can’t see my assets and, more importantly, find a solution. I have Exodus paired with Trezor. I have been back and forth with Exodus and Trezor support for weeks now. According to Exodus support, they collaborate closely.

I transferred my assets in July and about three weeks ago went back into Trezor, and my balance was zero.

When I set up Trezor, I used the standard wallet, did not add any other wallets, and did not use a passphrase. When it came to the passphrase option during the setup, I gave it serious thought and decided against it. Exodus support has said, “I don’t believe your wallet issue is due to the passphrase”

Exodus support also said, “From what you have described it sounds like the recovery phrase that you have is not associated with the wallet that has the funds (your XRP, and XLM) on it. Which would indicate that the Trezor was reset after you moved the funds to it.” I have a message back to Exodus and am waiting for a response. Does anyone have any feedback on this?

My brother-in-law had the same problem. I called him and said my balance was zero, so he looked at his, and it was also zero. A few days later, he told me he uninstalled and reinstalled the suite and updated the firmware, and then his correct balance showed. This did not work for me.

Can the firmware be updated/reinstalled for the lack of a better word even if I am on the latest version?

I was told that I was in the wrong “wallet/account.” I only used the standard wallet that was part of the Trezor setup. How can I be in the wrong “wallet/account”?

When using Exodus, does transfer and send basically do the same thing? When I click transfer, the address given does not send it to my Trezor wallet. Can I somehow enter or associate this address with Trezor? Why would it give a different address than one connected to Trezor?

How about using the set costume blockchain backend?

I watched a video about the recovery process. When you do a recovery, does it also recover the passphrase, or can a new passphrase be entered?

I appreciate your time and assistance!

Thanks. I was trying to get some faster help from Trezor they take a long time to respond. Is this forum connected to Reddit? I posted over there searching for help and someone said I deleted a post and I am completely new to Reddit. So I was thinking maybe it was the post you moved and to them it looks like it was deleted.


No, this forum isn’t connected to Reddit, as far as I know. When I moved your message from another forum thread (the one beginning with "I am posting again […]) into this thread, I didn’t delete the original. The forum system automatically close the original thread and set it to delete in 7 days when its content is moved, but I didn’t perform the deletion and the post I moved is safe and sound in this thread. We do this to tidy up in the forums so there aren’t so many threads for Community support to read. The more threads and posts, the slower the support will be because Community support have to read them all. So this will not only affect your case but every support case somewhat. I hope you understand.

Also, as I said above, when you’ve established contact with Community support through a ticket, then the most effective and fastest way to get answers is to email them through that ticket. It won’t go any faster if you post here in addition. In my opinion you should’ve emailed them the post that begins with “Here is an update to my previous […]” instead of posting it here. I can see from that message that you have some misconceptions about a few things and need answers to clear that up, but I can’t give answers to you here when there’s an ongoing ticket case. Please use the email address through the ticket system and you’ll get the answers you need, I’m sure.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Will do! Thank you very much and that all make good sense!

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