XRP price is not reflecting the same price as other charts and websites for the past few days

The price isn’t updating the the Trezor suite the same as other price sources.
It fluctuates over time from $0.50, but stops fluctuating beyond $0.52.
Other price sources have gone upwards of $0.57 but the prices in my Trezor Suite is still capped at $0.52.

My firmware is up to date. I rechecked to make sure. Anyone have this problem lately?

Hi @Dianey,

please, use the search function before creating a new post:

check this post, try the suggested solution and if the issue persists, please reply there.

A Reset did the trick,
Thank you, David

STOP THE BUS!!! GLITCH Still apparent!!

I just opened my Trezor suite App again after RESETTING it yesterday as you coached me to (see comment above), Only to discover that it was not activating to show my dashboard and Accounts… and promoted me to plug in my hardware device…
When I did so (offering my passphrase to open my dashboard and access my Hidden XRP wallet), it had reverted once again showing the OLD glitchy price, just as it was when it was ‘frozen’ before…

Please… What the heck is the problem?

Thankyou, David…

I even uninstalled the APP, reinstalled it, only to find no difference in the account price…
NOTE - My accounts do indeed show my XRP coin total as correct, just the price is still frozen…
Thanks… David

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