Xpub rabby vs trezorctl: ethereum account #0

When you connect your trezor with Rabby you get a page “export xpub of ethereum account#0” (I have only one ethereum account).
I would suppose this exports the same as from the command:
trezorctl ethereum get-bublic-node -n m/44’/60’/0’/0"
But in trezor suite you cannot get the xpub of your ethereum account (like BTC): I have read ethereum has no xpub: only specific addresses.
But Rabby provides a whole list of addresses in the pairing setup with trezor. Does it maybe use (get from trezor) a more global derivation path and not a derivation path of 1 account?

pretty much, yeah
What Suite calls “Eth accounts” and what Connect (the pop-up) calls “accounts” is a different thing.

In Connect, an “account” is “the third item on the derivation path”
In Suite, it’s “what passes for an account on the given currency” – so in BTC it’s the same thing as in Connect, but in ETH it’s just one address.