XMR not showing up in Exodus on Trezor Safe 3

I added my trezor safe 3 to exodus and sent xmr to it (while connected) from My Monero wallet, but it appears to be on the Exodus wallet and not the Trezor hardware wallet. So, then I tried sending from the exodus xmr wallet to the trezor hardware wallet on exodus and it’s still showing 0 xmr on the Trezor. I have my trezor connected and over 30 block confirmations yet I still do not see the small amount I tried to send to the trezor. It is all on exodus which I do not want. I thought the Safe 3 supported coins in their software suite when I bought it but they only support some natively and the rest have to use a 3rd party wallet which is really annoying. Anyway, why isn’t the XMR showing up on the hardware wallet?

Not really sure what your doing there.

Personally, I would not use exodus with XMR, my personal feeling is that I just don’t like the arrangement.

Why not use the official monero gui with trezor? I’ve always got on well with that. just pair the trezor with it and test with small amounts.
Always use a new subaddress for every transaction, they start with 8.
Don’t send xmr to the 4 address.

Thank you for responding. I’m finding I don’t like it either. I didn’t realize My Monero worked with the Trezor. Now I can’t get the xmr off because it won’t stop trying to sync so it’s completely stuck. I read about switching to a custom node, but I’m worried I’ll jeopardize privacy somehow or mess up the wallet. I’ve had issues with the My Monero wallet in the past but it seems it might be better to just go back to it. What do you think about connecting to a custom node?

I don’t think mymonero works with trezor.
the monero gui desktop does work with trezor and I recommend you use that.
But you will have to wait for the blockchain to fully sync before the wallet becomes usable.

Unless you have a local node running on you own network, then use the recommended node in the monero gui.

When you create the trezor wallet for the first time (before any funds are first sent to it) note down the blockchain height, this will mean you don’t have to sync very far next time you have to recreate the wallet from the trezor.

If you have already sent funds to the trezor monero wallet, then note down the date you did it, and sync 1 day before or something.

As always the seed stays on the trezor never type it on a keyboard or into a software wallet etc.