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I am trying to send XLM from Trezor to an exchange. After specifying address, and adding a memo code, the transaction fails to send out from Trezor. First challenge is Trezor indicates no memo is specified, but this is not accurate. Trezor allows you to move forward after incorrectly warning of no memo. Second challenge is Trezor fails to sign transaction, so transaction fails. Multiple attempts have been made, without any success. At this time I am unable to move XLM off the Trezor, because Trezor does not recognize memo is specified, and Trezor will not sign transaction. I do not have a custom homescreen on the Trezor.

Hi @AleNCheeze

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll ask you to submit the issue by using this form https://trezor.io/support/technical/issue/ .

Once you have done it, please send me your Ticket ID. Feel free to use PM. Soon after you will be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

I filled out the form, and connected my Trezor.
I apologize, I did not observe the Ticket ID.

Thanks for submitting, no worries, we can see that. You will be contacted soon.

Hello @AleNCheeze, mind giving it another try?
There was an issue in Stellar Account Viewer that seems to be fixed now. See stellar: send does not work again · Issue #1694 · trezor/trezor-firmware · GitHub for details.
(hope you’re not the same person who reported that :slight_smile: )

After the bug fix, Trezor was able to detect memo, and to perform signature. Transaction posted successfully. Only 1 small problem remained, the fee was .00001 XLM. I was not able to send the entire amount. I was left with 1.4 XLM, and unable to transfer the remainder, “because there was not sufficient funds to cover the balance”. This is still a problem, because the fees are not be calculated automatically or correctly, but I was able to get 99% of the funds moved. Thank you for your follow up!

You’ll need to contact the Stellar Account Viewer team about the remaining problem.

Issue on the Account Viewer stellar/account-viewer-v2#311 should have been fixed by now. Please, check it out.