XLM from Binance sent but not arrived in TREZOR

Ahoj, prosím o pomoc. Odeslal jsem XLM z Binance do Trerozu. Ale v Trezor XLM nevidím.

I added an XLM token to trezor (0xd37f6655A53d907858eFB65De16A561A1c3Be751). Next I generated the address and sent the tokens. Binance has confirmed the shipment, but it has not arrived in Trezor.

Thank you for help

Hi @_janbryl

If you don’t see the desired token (even though the tx to the address that you are able to see in Trezor Suite interface has been confirmed), there are two possible scenarios what could have happened:

You have used network that is not natively supported in Trezor Suite (such as BSC) or it is an internal transaction (that is not recognized by Trezor Suite backend).

In both cases you can access your tokens using Trezor with 3rd party interface/wallet so there is no need to worry.

Are you able to find the transaction on https://etherscan.io/ or https://bscscan.com/ ?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I found the transaction on https://bscscan.com

So how should I proceed?

@_janbryl explained in this video:

Pair Trezor with MM, access the address where you sent it, and add BSC.

Then add XLM token by clicking import token and paste this: 0x43C934A845205F0b514417d757d7235B8f53f1B9 contract address

Then you will need BNB token on the address to send it back to Binance.

After its back on Binance, send it to your Trezor correctly by following the manual: Stellar (XLM) - Trezor Wiki

Good day,
Thank you for your message.

I connected my Trezor to Metamask. Next I added the BSC.
All this successfully.

But after importing the token I get a zero balance XML.
I apologize and thank you for your reply.

Make sure that you are accessing the same address where you have previously sent your tokens to.