XLM balance not showing

Hi I transferred XLM and XRP from Exodus wallet - I can see the XRP but not the XLM. Both transferred using the same process. Can anyone help me please?

Hi @BarryIkatikua , XLM is only supported via Exodus or Accountviewer, so you could not have transferred it to Trezor Suite, because there is no way to generate XLM address there.

So you will only see it in Exodus, make sure you are using correct passphrase if you use this feature.

I can’t access it in Exodus (even though I can see the balance) and am using the correct passphrase. Its visible on the blockchain so any ideas how I could get it back so I can access it in Exodus?

@BarryIkatikua can you specify what you mean by can’t access them?

If you see them, but cant move them then you are using wrong passphrase, also note that there is default exodus wallet and your Trezor wallet if you paired it with Exodus.

You are most likely using wrong passphrase.

Thanks you for the calm words - spot on