Xinfin XDC webwallet (myetherwallet) with Passphrase Activated

I would like to raise my concern about my problem with the XDC web wallet ( with my hardware wallet Trezor. I know that Trezors do not support XDC as of the moment but the Web Wallet recognizes the hardware wallet Trezor on the web interface, so knowing that it is under Xinfin for sure my XDCs are all safe considering that it is on its own native platform. I know about retrieving the XDC tokens using my Trezor’s seed phrase but the thing is I have a passphrase activated on my Trezor account and with this passphrase, I couldn’t withdraw them using the seed phrase considering that it is another layer of security on trezor. Please check this link, this explains the behaviour of passphrases (Passphrase - Trezor Wiki) Please help me out. I can see my holdings on the Web Wallet but couldn’t withdraw them. Whenever I withdraw this error window will pop out please check the attached image on this.

Whenever I withdraw the confirm and send button is greyed out for some reason. And I could not transfer the funds. Please check the image attached, please help me out.

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that you can’t setup a link to your Trezor hardware wallet from Xinfin XDC webwallet, due to the Passphrase on your Trezor?

If we look aside the Xinfin XDC webwallet for a moment, are you able to connect to your Hidden wallet on Trezor with your Passphrase, when you use Trezor Suite (for instance)?

About your private seed, you should never give that to a webwallet - or anywhere/anyone else, for that matter.

Hi @vlmilan24

Actually, despite what our site says this coins should have been supported already. I guess the page hasn’t been updated since last FW release.

Anyway, it seems the whole Xinfin XDC webwallet is based on MEW app which allows you to enter passphrase easily.

Once you select Trezor

You get this

If you cannot see that dialog, please:

  • Make sure, your Trezor is running the latest firmware.

  • After successful installation of Trezor Bridge, you should see “trezord” process running in your activity/system/task monitor. If you cannot see the process running in the background, please try to reinstall it again, from this source Trezor Wallet

  • Use supported browsers only. Either Chrome or Firefox (try both and try using Incognito/privacy mode as well).

  • Clear your browsers cache.

  • Not only using a VPN, but also certain advanced Firewall or Antivirus settings, browser extensions (AdBlock, Privacy Badger, etc.), may cause connectivity issues, therefore please try to disable them as well.

  • On top of that, use only one application/website/browser tab with Trezor at a time. It is possible that they are clashing each other.

Also, check whether you can use MEW with passphrase.

Hello Pavel

Do I understand it correctly that my Trezor Model T does support XDC token as of this moment?
there is this issue on the web wallet that I could not press the “confirm and send” button while transferring funds to a different wallet. I do not know for what reason. according to Xinfin Webwallet support team “trezors still do not support the XDC token” thats why that problem is happening. They are pointing at you guys for not supporting the token. I am really worried because A HUGE HUGE portion of my portfolio is there on the webwallet.

Pavel I told the Xinfin XDC support team about trezor supporting XDC tokens they told be that you guys might be confused with XDCe and XDC tokens XDC are directly on the XDC hybrid blockchain. And they told me that there is still no official announcement about that matter of Trezor supporting XDC. I wanted to clarify with you if you are sure that Trezor supports XDC token directly on the XDC hybrid blockchain? I am getting back and fourth with you guys from both Trezor support team and the Xinfin Support team about this matter.

It seems that it is currently not on the xinfin XDC blockchain. Hope we get an update with this.

There is either a bug in the official wallet, or maybe they disabled Trezor because they think it’s not supported.

However, XDC support works fine if you use Trezor with Metamask, and add the network definition via

The only minor issue is that XDC addresses are displayed as starting with “0x” instead of the official “Xdc”. The rest of the address is identical.


Hello Matejcik thank you for your response to my concern. Is there by any chance you could get in touch with them a lot of trezor Users are having the same problem with XDC transactions on the Web Wallet. here is the link to the web wallet. The guys at Xinfin gives out a solution of withdrawal using the seed phrase but that won’t work and I guess they could not understand the concept of a secret wallet / or wallet with passphrase.

By the way I have my passphrase activated so withdrawing my funds using the mnemonic phrase is impossible. for it is a secret wallet. so there is only one way I could withdraw my funds and that’s on the normal process of withdrawal. I have a lot on the line. Please help me out with this matejcik. Here are the Email address of the people at Xinfin Devs ([email protected])

I have been back and forth with you guys and with XinFin, My Family and I really hope this gets fixed.

matejcik I could send you some XDC if you need to try it out yourself. try it with a wallet with passphrase on the Xinfin XDC wallet and withdraw them out to another wallet it is impossible with a greyed out “confirm and send” button.


Please use this tool as suggested.

This will set up the XDC network for you within MetaMask, then you can easily pair your device with it as usually, meaning you can access your passphrase protected wallet as well.

Please note, posts with Xinfin devs’ emails were deleted. Thanks for understanding.

Solving this would not only help me but other Trezor users on the Xinfin webwallet itself. Thank you.

uhm dont have any idea how to use it Pavel any tutorial?

Can I withdraw my XDC funds on xinfin webwallet using that link?

I will be checking this solution up. Later when I get home from work I’ll try this solution up! Thank you @pavel & @matejcik