Working out fees in ZERO ETH tokin account

Zero ETH in a tokin wallet.
It wont let me see fees. It just says you don’t have enough ETH.
How can I work out how much ETH I need to pay for fees?
If I don’t put enough ETH1 across to the tokins account, ETH2 in this case. Will it cost more to do a 2nd transfer?

About the fees, they vary from minute to minute but Trezor Suite will choose enough for a normal fee. If it’s not enough you can Bump the fee up (RBF), providing you have turned the bump feature on before you sent the transaction. You can check the ETH fee yourself, if you want, by looking it up on several sites, for example on Etherscan or ETH Gas Station. It’s often also stated at the top of crypto sites, such as you can see on Etherscan. It’s presented in Gwei, which means Giga Wei, and is 1 Billionth of an ETH.

The transfer questions are answered in your other forum thread, I believe. :slight_smile:

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