Why the finall output become bigger?

Hi there. Anybody can explain me - how Trezor wallet (I have Trezor One) is determined the final price of transaction?
I’ll try to explain…
I sent some transaction from my BTC wallet to another address. I filled the form (1) - pointed amount of coins, (2) - pointed the commission.
WHY the finall output amount of coin became more then I pointed??? (inside the red box)

there is nothing wrong with your transaction, there is an input (entire balance of the address/account) and output, what you are actually sending minus the fee to put it simply and that is split between spent and unspent output (spent is 0.00693 in your case)

  1. is what you sent
  2. is the fee

Do you think that I have pointed on the red box just for fun? I know what means 1 and 2. But why numbers inside the red box bigger then 1 and 2? I mean the final amount of money taken out of my wallet was not equal to the first number

No, I don’t.

If you read my post carefully, you will see that I explained that the BTC transactions are consisting of (entire balance of the address/account), that is why the numbers are bigger.

In other words, transaction sent 0.00773533 BTC, you spent 0.00693, the rest returned to your change address.

Explained here: https://trezor.io/learn/a/what-is-a-change-address


Thank you. That’s my bad. I just didn’t know about this opportunity. Thx)