Why is KAVA , AXIE RONIN and COSMOS coins not showing up?

I recently acquired a trezor, and transferred all my coins from Trust wallet to my trezor. But i cant seem to find kava and cosmos to transfer but the web says trezor supports it?

Is there a way to search for coins not shown in the list of coins?

I see Solana not supported. Will it be supported in the future

Hiiii @Melvin185 welcome welcome,

How did you transfer these coins? How did you get the receiving address for each one of them?

Trezor device supports these assets but you won’t be able to see or manage them on Trezor suite app…
For this you need a third party wallet which acts as a bridge ( lets you, send and receive) but your private keys are saved on your Trezor device.


Screenshot from oficial site
In case of kava you need to pair your trezor with either MyCryptoWallet or MyEtherWallet

Cosmos hub is not supported by Trezor

You check the full on trezor.io choose coins.

For future tx it is good practice to receive and send first a small amount just to test it to make sure it’s all good


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Thanks so much for your response.

I have 16 coins of which 12 I successfully transferred to Trezor using the Trezor suite app. I can see my coins, the addresses I got after I setup up my Trezor, showing up in the account tab.

But the 4 others i couldnt transfer as the are not in the list of coins. These are Kava, Cosmos, Solana and Axie Infinity shared.

So do i keep them on Trust wallet, as wouldve liked them all to be on Trezor

And how does the Mycrypto exchange work?

I use Easy Crypto to buy the coins and then transfer to Trust. So now I will let Easy crypto transfer to Trezor.

I am new to crypto so pardon my silly questions.



No wrong in asking, better than making mistakes because you didn’t ask…


This is a Wallet that is compatible with Kava and with Trezor device…


You can store them in Trezor Suite with both model One and model T

Solana and Cosmos Hub are NOT compatible and there are no 3rd party wallets you can use with trezor device to store them.

Check full list of supported coins by model etc…link below

The ones that you don’t have support with trezor you can keep them on Trust wallet (developed by Binance (Binance is an exchange))
This is better than keeping your coins on any exchange.

You may also consider the exodus wallet which is great and has a nice set of features. Link below

Also remember

Its is GOOD PRACTICE to first transfer a small amount

Also test sending your funds out of the wallet (small amount)just to check everything is well setup…

Any other help keep your questions coming…

Also read post here in the forum it is a great learning point and also the trezor.io


Always watch out for scammers scamming…

Thank you so much. You awesome.

I have previously downloaded and tested various wallets, including Ronin for axie (as trust did not support it but now it does), Exodus (cant remember what i didnt like about it, lol) Coinbase, Luno.

I live in south africa, and Easycrypoto and Luno is the only ones we can buy from and regulated by the reserve bank.

When i try buying through the others, it flags and the banks decline transactions. I think thats why… but i also felt comfortable using Trust. Not really sure why i invested in trezor. Trust seemed relative secure.

But you probably know best. But the thing is does Trezor not interface with Trust, like it does with Exodus ( i still have an account with them…but not sure about the keys though…maybe create a new account?) and Mycrypto and MyEtherWallet.

I am now only focusing on buying Bitcoin and ethereum, and adding some funds to a different one each month… The others are also very volatile but not going to sell or swap, lol as if i have done it before, lol. Not sure whats the best strategy or when its right time to sell/swap or not.

Anyway, further advice will be appreciated, and I will sure read up on those links you gave and any other tips for investing.



Oh yes, whats the difference between exodus and MyCrypto/MyEtherwallet? can you do the same things on all of them? Do you have to use MyCrypto/MyEther with exodus(i like the interface) too?

Doesnt Trust and exodus do the same thing?

not sure if these are dumb questions lol


The main difference is exodus has a partnership with Trezor…basically the all do the same thing…

For more specific and technical you should go read and research for yourself the details, developers ownership how they operate if they really let you hold the keys to your coins etc…
If you have questions come back here and pose

Never trust always verify for yourself…

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Trezor and Exodus work seamlessly with these two…

Maybe create an Exodus btc and eth account linked with Trezor…
This way you leave the less serious coin in Trust and BTC and ETH on exodus/trezor

trezor holds the keys that allow you to spend the coins exodus is the interface to interact.

Main advantage of trezor is that the keys are stored ob that device, so they are not on your phone’s wallet thats is the main reason to have a hardware wallet.

Now one thing I advise you is to do some research before see all the procedure ms read about all these softwares and how they work.

Because you can very simply over complicate and lose your funds…

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So if I want to transfer Solana, Kava to Exodus or Trezor, how do I know which to use.? See pic


This was answered in post 4…you have on this thread all the info you need…

I get that, but what about Kava and Axie… it doesnt show up in Traezor suite. Do i have to activate it or what do I do. Thats all the coins showing in the pic. I want to store it in Trezor

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RimaS, do you have an answer for me?

Why does Trezor say it supports 200 coins yet only 14 shows up in my app



I managed to connect trezor T to ronin. So thats sorted. I am struggling to sort out Kava. Used every conceivable wallet. It just doesnt allow me to add or see my kava balance. It doesnt accept addresses strating with kava… Is there any one who can help me connect to a wallet to connect with trezor to manage or store kava. this is so frustrating. Thinking of just keeping it on trust wallet which can connect with trezor. How does one create a Kava address on trezor.

@Melvin185 as answered here Why is KAVA , AXIE RONIN and COSMOS coins not showing up? - #2 by rimaS

To have the private keys from kava stored on your Trezor you eitheir need

MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto wallet apps

Then you have to pair your trezor with one of these after that generate a receing address and the transfer your funds.

You use either of the wallet apps to manage these funds. To send out your funds you will need to validate the tx with your trezor device.

Please don’t double post on the forum, we like to keep it clean…

Have a nice one :+1::muscle:

Last time bugging you.

The kava staking coin somehow i cannt look it up in MyCrypto. So it says its an invalid address.

How am I able to add it.

Its on the Kava network but on my crypto it does not allow me to view it. Not sure if the issue is with the address.

Anyway if you dont have an answer, I will leave it at that


1Are you able to refer me to any other forum that may have the answer?