Why don't I see Taproot account creation?

The blog (Trezor Suite and Firmware Updates December 2021 | by SatoshiLabs | Dec, 2021 | Trezor Blog) says “To use Taproot, you will need to add a Taproot account in Trezor Suite. Once you have updated your Trezor firmware and are running the latest version of Trezor Suite, you can create a new Taproot account by going to the Accounts page and adding a new account by clicking on the large green plus sign next to My Accounts in the left sidebar. Select Bitcoin as the coin to add a new account for, choose Taproot from the drop-down menu, and click Add account.”

I don’t see a large green plus sign. I have a small grey “+ Add account” and clicking it just creates an account without offering any options at all.

Feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Hi @xicus,

click on the grey plus button next to My Accounts, select Bitcoin and open the drop down menu for account types, you should see 4 different Bitcoin account types, one of them is Taproot.