Why does Trezor suite only display 13 ETH wallets?

I installed the desktop version of Trezor suite and I like the interface. However, I see only the first 13 Ethereum wallets (Ethereum #1 through Ethereum #13) on Trezor Suite desktop app. However, when I access my Trezor through Myetherwallet I have more than 13 wallets . So I have funds in wallets 14 through 20 but they are not showing up in desktop Trezor suite app. They are only showing up when I use third party app like Myetherwallet. Any ideas on how I can see ALL my Ethererum wallets on desktop app? Is there a setting somewhere to increase the number of wallets to more than 13? Thanks for your help

Hi @vick9043

First of all let’s clarify the terminology:

Unlike a wallet, of which you only have one per seed (and passphrase, if used), you can have multiple separate accounts for each currency.

Trezor Suite, the desktop and web interface for your hardware wallet allows up to 10 accounts of a single type per currency per wallet . This is a practical limitation, as it decreases the load on our servers.

So I am surprised you claim you are able to add 13 addresses, could you possibly provide the picture that proves your statement ?