Why can't I transfer out btc after setting the derivation path on electrum

After upgrading to the latest version of the Trezor Model One hardware wallet to derive the path on the electrum software wallet, why can’t the btc be transferred out? Doesn’t model one support derivation paths? Doesn’t it support multi-signatures too?

Newer Trezor One firmwares are more strict about what kinds of transactions you are allowed to do on which derivation paths.

If you are using p2sh-segwit with derivation path m/49'/0'/0' for Bitcoin (and not some other coin), that should be OK, both single-sig and multi-sig. But it is possible that your account is misconfigured somehow, e.g., using p2pkh script type under the hood, or somehow messing up the multisig config.

You could report an issue to Electrum and provide more details about your configuration.

To work around the problem, set “Safety checks” to “Prompt” in your Suite settings. Then Trezor will allow even mismatched paths.