Whitelist of send address and trust in device from official reseller

Hello guys,
allow me two questions:

  1. I searched on web and here on forum but did not find any solution how to create a whitelist of address for sending crypto. To be more specific: I want to use my trezor just for receiving and then for holding the crypto in there - so no sendings to another addresses (or maybe to my 2nd trezor only). Can I create “send” whitelist or disable “send” option at all? Just as security reason if somebody got into my Trezor so he cant instantly send my money to his adress. Something similar as Coinbase has (you have to wait few days before new adress is confirmed in a Whitelist).

  2. I bought Trezor from one of your Czech republic reseller (alza). But I quickly unpacked the trezor before checking the holographic seal properly. Now I am bit unsure if the device is not a fake one. I called them and they dont want to exchange the trezor anymore, so basically I just want to ask if I can fully trust devices from your official reseller and dont care anymore?

Thanks a lot for helping me.

Hi @chaelim.micho

Disabling send option is not possible. It would have to be feature of firmware as “send option” would be available e.g. in 3rd party app when paired with your Trezor anyway.
If you want to add extra layer of security to your Trezor (in case your trezor seed would get compromised) I recommend you to start using passphrase feature. (Trezor blog article)

I confirm that Alza is one of our official resellers so the device purchased on their eshop is legit and safe to use.

Helo MichalZ,
thank you for quick reply.
I do use Passphrase, but trying to get as secure as possible after some troubles I faced in past (not with Trezor but with crypto in general.)

Thanks for confirming that Alza devices are safe to use so I do not have to be worry.