Where is my Bitcoin

I sent from my first Trezor to my anther Trezor same bitcoin, free rate. Im waiting 3 days already and it isnt here still. please help me

free rate ? how is your gas fee set ? low, economy,high or custom?

How was your first trezor displayed? Is the transfer completed? Is the transfer address the receiving address of the second trezor?

i sellect high. status is Final.
The transfer address of second trezor must right. it was connected in the same time, so i just copy the address.

i have also TX ID. how long time does it need to receive my bitcoin ?

I think something is wrong, the suite should not be able to connect to two trezor devices at the same time.
You now connect to your second trezor, copy the btc receiving address, then disconnect, connect to the first trezor, and see if the sending address is the address you copied.
In addition, does your address start with bc or 3?

my receive address start with bc.
I mean i connectet 2 trezors to pc trezor suite app

high rate only take 10 minutes or more
Have you checked the address yet? Are the sending address and the receiving address the same?

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In addition, I would like to ask a question. As long as there is one trezor, you have countless wallets. What is the purpose of buying two trezors and generating different seeds?

sending and receiving address are same.
i didnt know that so did buy a second one

what could happend wrong ?
can it be stucked ?

High fees can’t get stuck .
trezor 1 shows that the transaction is completed, trezor 2 shows that there is no money in the account?
Check the blockchain if the transfer is finished .

trezor 2 is new and shows 0
i find in blockchain my transfer, how can i see if its finished. sorry its my first time

Final Balance of receiving address on blockchain shows what ?

its showing zero. does trezor generate new unic adress every time ?

no .
What is the Final Balance of the address of your trezor 1 transfer currency? Has it decreased?
See if the address where you first stored the coins has reduced the coins

Hi @rustam, you can open a ticket https://trezor.io/support/technical/issue/ and post your ticket ID here, we would look into it. It would be great if you could also provide the transaction hash in the ticket form.