Where can I see my pending transaction on trezor Suite?

Hello and please excuse my question if it is naive…

I have coins in Trezor Wallet and I could see them all in my trezor Suite.
Today I transfered BTC to coinbase, but after, I couldnt see this transaction in the trezor suite.
I saw the old deposit and the new reduced balance, but no any kind of “pending transaction”.
After it was confirmed 4 hours later by the network, I could see it in the trezor suite.
That lets me feel very uncomfortable. If you go to the bank and transfer 15K to any account, and they dont give you any receipt…

Did I do something wrong or how can I get a confirmatuin of the transaction while pending. ?

Thanks for your help

hello @retep998

You can always try these mempool or blockchair

Just paste your transaction id and you can check the status of it.

Thanks for the fast answer.
Because I couldnd find ANY information about this transaction in Trezor suite, I also had no transaction ID.
I only found it in an email from the recipient (coinbase) but I cannot rely in that the recipient sends me such an email.
Thats why I feel bad with reansactions like that, Do you understand me?

Why couldnt I see ANYTHING about this transaction before fully confirmed?