Where are my coins stored? Is it on the device?

All coins are stored on the blockchain, now hodl on to your hat - there are no coins in fact, Blockchain in general works as a giant record book - a ledger of transactions - and your private keys allow you to sign transactions from one address to another and hence changing the balances. The fact that only the owner of private key can signs a transaction from certain public address in combination with the need of having the transaction confirmed by the network ensures the whole system is secure and working.

More information: Where in the world are my coins? and What is UTXO?.

How it’s possible that you can have all coins in one wallet?

As all addresses in Trezor are derived from the seed it means that all of them can are connected to this seed forever. Also, seed can generate pretty much every address by using certain mechanism.

More information: Learn about: Recovery seed

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Hi kolin,

I get an error when clicking on the UTXO link:

… but this link works: What is UTXO?

BTW, I see that there are other dead/unaccessable links in the forums that points to staging-forum.trezor.io too. I can find them for you and gather them in a list, if you want.

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Hi Petosiris,

thanks a lot for letting me know. I corrected this one. If you find any other link, you can for sure let me know, but I don’t think you need to look for all of them. I will search for them as well.

Thanks again! You are really very very helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll PM/DM you with some other links I found.

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