When i use a different computer with correct passphrase it says wallet empty this only happens on trezor suite not if i access with MEW for example

II have tried to access on 2 different computers and use correct passphrase but it says its an empty wallet and asks me to re enter passphrase and then opens an empty wallet.

When i open it on my original computer with same passphrase the wallet is not empty ???

i need help with this

Hi @bradazo,

Have you enabled/activated your coins on the second computer?

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Please compare the first addresses of your (default) BTC SegWit account in Hidden wallet that is entered from two different computers.

Do these addresses match ?

Thank you . I hadn’t appreciate the help .

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You’re welcome. We always try to help, if we can. Did my advice solve your problem?
Also see MichalZ’s advice above.

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Yes problem resolved . Thank you very much I just needed to add the coins