When I import Metamask accounts to my Trezor it doesn't recognise or require signing on the Trezor fob

Hi All, good to be here & hopefully you fine people can help me out.
Up until the recent firmware update & around the time of the Pulsechain launch my Trezor was working fine & all transactions from Metamask (MM) needed to be signed on the fob. However, since then transactions have been working but without the need to verify on the Trezor fob.
I have checked for updates on MM & Trezor, all up to date. I have factory reset & started again, it loads & connects as per the tutorial but when I try to import my various accounts back into MM it does not work. They show up on MM & I can send, but Trezor doesn’t ask to verify. And the accounts do not appear in the Trezor suite on my accounts/dashboard.
Thanks in advance for any help

First, what do you mean by Trezor “fob”?
Second, what do you mean by “import” accounts back into MetaMask (MM)?

As for the latter, I think you mix native MM accounts with Trezor connected accounts. They’re fundamentally different.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Ok, Fob is the Trezor unit that you connect to the laptop. And type your pin into & confirm transactions with.

Could well be mixing the two, I can’t for the life of me get it to work again. I’ve got two Trezors & they were both set up fine & working perfectly prior to this issue. So I think you’re correct.

Question is, if I am mixing them. How do I resolve this? May well be user error on my part, so please advise if you can. Much appreciated.

I’ve never heard about “Fob” in connection with a Trezor device, but I always want to learn something new so please explain to me what those three letters stand for?

You can watch a video about how to use Trezor with MetaMask and see if that helps you:

Also, you didn’t say what you meant by “import” accounts into MM. What are you trying to do?

it’s a thing you attach to your keychain
Fob Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster :slight_smile:


100% sure you imported your recovery seed into Metamask when setting it up.

Depending on the amount of coins you have there, and on how paranoid you are, you should now consider your seed compromised. Wipe your Trezor, set it up again from scratch, creating a new seed. Then send all your funds from Metamask to the new Trezor address.

When setting up, MM will ask you to create a new wallet or recover an existing one.
It’s a trick question.
Always set up a new Metamask wallet. Write down the seed if you like, for peace of mind, then rename the account to “DO NOT USE ME” and … well … do not use it.

Afterwards, choose “connect hardware wallet” and find your Trezor accounts there.

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