When did the 16 attempts and then wipe PIN function appear?

I’m locked out of my Trezor and currently I believe brute forcing the PIN is my best luck (I made the PIN after all - I just need enough attempts). I’m now locked out for 9000 seconds and have read that after 16 the device wipes - was this the case on a device with firmware set to 1.5.2? If so, I pretty much have to give up on pushing this so it’s probably not a viable option.


Hi @r92

AFAIK, yes it was FW 1.5.2. Learn more https://blog.trezor.io/explore-new-features-1-5-2-segwit-bitcoin-cash-erc20-f3f1c1cd26d2

To prevent brute-force attacks, after every failed attempt, Trezor enforces a delay before it lets you try a different PIN again. This delay increases by the factor of two each time.

After 16 incorrect attempts, your device wipes itself, making it possible to access your funds only with the use of your recovery seed.

However, if you have your recovery seed, you can wipe your device right away. See instructions