What would happen to my coins if SatoshiLabs went out of business?

There are no such plans because we are here to support the community and advance the use of Bitcoin. In the unlikely event that we had to close down, users would have nothing to worry about.

Trezor wallets are fully compatible with other BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 compatible wallets. These are open standards which anyone can use to recover their coins as long as documentation exists.

Since our code is open-source and publicly available, developers from around the world can maintain it and add new functionalities even if the SatoshiLabs team are no longer available. In extreme cases (although this is not recommended), it is possible to use the recovery seed to recover your funds in one of many different wallets as well - even a hot wallet on a phone or computer.

More about security threats: Security threats

List of some compatible apps: Compatible apps

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