What is difference between Transfer (Out) Transaction and Sent ETH.

TLDR - sent ETH to wrong address BUT transactions does seem complete. Maybe I can get the ETH back (prays)

In the Trezor Suite, I sent a test amount of ETH to my Exchange account. All went well. I got a Transfer and an Sent ETH transaction. ETH arrived on exchange.

I then copied (as the last and the end characters were the same - but were not!) the address from the Sent ETH Transaction of the first transfer and used that as my recipient address for my second full ETH amount I had planned to send to the exchange. The ETH left my Trezor, but I have a Transfer (Out) transaction showing, but no Sent ETH transaction.

Does anyone now what the address on Sent ETH transactions are? Are they the validator?
Does anyone think I will ever see this ETH again?

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Hi @eth_trill,

Unfortunately, you are a victim of address poisoning attack. More information can be found at Address Poisoning Attacks and Trezor

It looks like you are using an older version of Trezor Suite. In the newer versions, these fake transactions are recognized, blurred and there is also a warning. It is always recommended to use the latest version of Trezor Suite as it brings new features and fixes to enhance the security of your assets.

Unfortunately, the stolen funds cannot be retrieved anyhow. You can consider these funds lost.