What can I do to keep my NFTs listed on OpenSea?

So, as I understand it, Metamask does not offer support for the change that OpenSea has made to it’s NFT network if you have a Trezor and there is nothing I can do to migrate my NFT collection over as OpenSea is requiring all users to do, so all of them will be unlisted.

If that’s the case, is there any way to relist them without making a new account on OpenSea? I have a Ledger wallet as well, but I can’t just use that one to mint new ones because it would be a different address and not my verified OpenSea account with my art collection, right?

Am I just straight up out of luck and people buying my art won’t be able to until Metamask fixes it or OpenSea decides to be reasonable and let me keep them listed?


you can import your Trezor seed into any wallet that supports it, your addresses will remain same, they are derived from your private keys/seed.