Watch only wallet


Is there a way to see a trezor wallet on a, for example iPhone or android a watch only wallet?

Thanks a lot

you can use Remember function on Android when using web version of Suite.

iPhone is not supported.

The idea would be to have a way to see the assets without having to be able to act. Something just to read.

I don’t quite understand the function you are talking about.


you can click Trezor name in upper left corner in Suite and turn on the Remember button

Let me get this straight. I connect Trezor and look for the “remember” function… But unfortunately I don’t have an Android…

you asked about Android or iPhone in your first post…

You’re right, I was doing it to see the possibilities.

Isn’t there a way to have a whatch only wallet?

yes, the remember function that I explained

And if it is an iPhone?
There is no way?

I remember with BitCoin Core there was a way to export a key to see the assets in an EnginCoin Wallet.

Thanks for your answer

Iphone is not supported as already mentioned

technically, you can export your Xpub and use external tool to watch the addresses: Suite manual:Displaying account public key (XPUB) - Trezor Wiki

but you have to do your own research for such tool, we do not give these recommendations

Thanks a lot for that.


Sorry for the off topic: Is there a way to import wallets into Ttrezor?

So for this option we will have to access the chrome browser from the phone. Am I right?


yes, correct, Chrome on Android