Wallet on Trezor Not Showing My Hardware Wallet on Meta Mask

I have a issue that I hope that I can get some help with.

I setup a new Meta Mask on a new Chromebook… When I setup the Meta Mask I followed the instructions and have the keys to the account #1. Then I set up the Trezor by following the instructions. Then connected the hardware wallet to the Meta Mask. Now looking at my Meta Mask there is two public address. One says Account #1 and One Says Trezor 4 with the hardware tag next to it.

I am now trying to move funds from the hardware wallet to another wallet and pop up with select the export key shows and I click the button and then the Trezor flashes then it seams to crash. Meta Mask does not come back and I need to restart the computer for it to come back.

When I look at the suite it has a totally different address then the ones that are shown on the MM.

What the hell happened!!! Please Help Me and Thank you in advanced!