Wallet is empty after recovery

Hi first of all I am a total novice. I had bitcoin (from coin base) stored on a trezor. After an update the wallet showed a zero balance. I bought a new trezor device in case this one was broken and tried the recovery process. The balance is still zero. I have a transaction list from coin base to show were the bitcoin went and I did a dry run of the seeds and those are also correct. There was also no passphrase set up. I am looking for help - I need any help in the most basic of terms. Thank you!

hi @Sam99

could you please compare the bitcoin addresses - the one where you have sent your funds to (you can check that on blockchain explorer using TxID available in your Coinbase account), with the one you are accessing now in Trezor Suite ?

Are they matching ? If not then you are accessing wrong wallet.

My guess would be that you have most probably generated the receiving address in hidden (passphrase protected) wallet.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will have a look on my coinbase account for this - where would the address be in the wallet? There is no information in it. I thought every transaction had a different address (I apologise if I sound like a complete idiot, I am very new to all of this).

There is no way there is a passphrase and it is disabled in the security section.

There is no need to apologize, we have all been there :wink:

It should be in the transaction history of your Coinbase account. You should find the transaction ID there and then insert it for example to https://btc1.trezor.io/ in order to see the receiving address

Then you have to access this address in your Trezor wallet. (in the same wallet where you have previously created that receiving address - where you copy it from).

Please note that all addresses are derived from unique private key and every private key is represented by unique combination of recovery seed and passphrase (if used). Thus if different seed or passphrase (or both) is used then private key differs as well and different set of addresses is derived.

But was it disabled when you generated the receiving address?

Please note that passphrase feature is enabled by default (that’s why you can choose between Standard and Hidden wallet in Trezor Suite)

So I have used the link and I have where the bit coin has gone how do I access the address in my wallet?

by using the same seed and the same passphrase as you did when you created the address in the first place.

if you are not able to access the address now - using current seed or passphrase (or both) - then the combination of these two is wrong (not the same as when the address was generated).

I need professional help with this are there any company’s out there that help people like me who don’t know what they are doing?