Wallet Address Not Visible in Trezor Suite

  • I added a supported token, BakerySwap to Trezor through Metamask.
  • I can see my up-to-date balance at portfolio(dot)metamask(dot)io
  • I log into Trezor suite with a passphrase where I can see my other tokens saved directly onto Trezor but am not able to see BakerySwap that was added via Metamask
  • Now, I need to transfer my BakerySwap to an exchange but I can not even see my metamask address that was supposed to be associated with Trezor.
  • Trezor suite keeps displaying a list of empty wallet addresses to select from (as if I wanted to create a new wallet address), that is not what I intended to do.

PS: Never changed my laptop/re-installed MetaMask. The only significant thing I remember was updating the Trezor suite to the latest firmware. Even with that, I can still access my tokens such as BTC/LTC/ETH on Trezor Suite but not the one associated with Metamask

Can someone please help?


Hi @Ola,

I can see that you already opened a ticket with our official support. We sent you a reply to this ticket. Please, check the reply, we are waiting for your response.

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You have asked me to check for a combination of passphrase and seed phrase which I still don’t get. If my other assets are accessible in the Trezor suite but only the one associated with MetaMask is not accessible. Still wondering how I would have decided to create another passphrase/ seedphrase for MetaMask wallet