Very Urgent sent one transaction from my trezor but it created 2 outgoing transactions

Hello Friends,

Today i transferred just $1K from trezor to my binanace account.
but when i checked my trezor btc address on blockchain it showed 2 transactions as 0.3 BTC to binance was successful but it also showed that i have 1 BTC sent to another address which i did not use.

now my address on blockchain is showing 1 BTC less but in my trezor wallet, i m seeing my full amount in BTC.

how this is possible.

Again, i sent traded 0.01 BTC in Trezor suite to check futher and again it created two transactions one for 0,01 ETH and one for 1 btc and now my address on blockchain is showing 1 more btc less but in trezor i m seeing my full BTCs. though this transaction is still pending.

Total input

1.07075962 BTC

Total output

1.07073832 BTC


0.01 BTC


0.0000213 BTC

i created for 0.01 but its showing two output with 1 BTC. How is it possible.

is my trezor hacked.

so allfunds are accounted for??(nothings missing)
binance and trezor amounts when added up togther look the correct amount?

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its called a change of address(its always scary)

say you send 1 bitcoin think of it as a $100 bill(trezor wallet) you buy a cup of coffee for $5(binance)

you hand over all your bitcoin(100$) they give you $95(0.95%of 1 btc) $95change(reutrn to trezor wallet)

go into trezor click FIAT it should say AMOUNT $1000 fee $1

give or take

check an address matches up with your binance address

@shah889 you do not have any issue or miss anything, it is a change address

Explained here:

Also explained in this video

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