Verify full hex input data on screen

Is it not possible to verify the full hex data on Trezor screen? For me it just gets cut off after a certain number of characters and it’s impossible to scroll to view more.
With regards to issues such as: NXM Hack Update. This post will be updated as and when… | by Hugh Karp | Medium the user can be tricked to call arbitrary contract methods.
When using the Trezor with Ethereum, I decode the input data manually, but that is still not enough if the Trezor device doesn’t actually let me verify in on screen…
What gives? Why not let the user verify?

Hi, are you using Model One or Model T please?

Sorry, should have specified. It’s a Model T.


this is something we are already looking into and will be possible. I don’t have any ETA yet. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks, looking forward to this being available.
Given that Trezor is the only open-source and trustable hww usable with Ethereum smart contracts, it would be great to get this in there in order to transact safely. At least as an advanced option to let the user scroll through the contract data.