Vechain to Trezor Part 2 Please help

Thanks @MichalZ but there is a crucial step missing from the solution that no one has posted about. Please look at the chain you are referring me to below and the last comment in that chain by Distinguished user.

Also, no one addressed what to do when you cannot locate your address. This is still an open issue me for and would like some help please.

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If it may help other people with the same problem, then please consider to post your solution here.

Origin Ask for help but I was referred:

DatDave](Profile - DatDave - Trezor Forum)

I need some help please. I sent my Vechain to my Trezor. I tried using BIP39 but I was unable to locate my address in Derived Addresses. I have seen past post saying they found a solution but I cant find a solution. Please help?


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Hi @DatDave

This issue has already been discussed here several times:
e.g. here:

Hi @DatDave

Second post of the thread provided says:

Regarding the issue of not being able to locate your address:

Every address is derived from a recovery seed and passphrase (if enabled and used). Extremely simplified you can imagine passphrase as an extra word of your seed. If the passphrase feature is disabled and empty string is used instead.

So when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if enabled and used), the same wallet is accessed. There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order. The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.

So the bottom line is: If you can’t access/find desired address you are ether using different recovery seed or passphrase (or both).

Thanks. I understand the risk, etc and the only thing on my Trezor right now is the VET. I sent the wrong VET to an ETH hidden address on the Trezor and I can NOT figure out how to get BIP39 to prompt for password to access the hidden wallet. Thanks


If you have a Hidden wallet you must enter the same Passphrase (not password) you used when you created it. You open the Hidden wallet by entering the correct Passphrase when you connect your Trezor device, where you get a choice to open the Standard wallet or a Hidden wallet. If you enter an incorrect Passphrase then a new and empty Hidden wallet will be created instead of opening your original Hidden wallet.

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The address the VET was sent to matches the address of the ETH address on my Trezor. The transaction was sent successfully. I verified on ethscan. The seed is correct because I took a picture of it. The passphrase for the secret account is correct but when I use BIP39, it doesn’t even show my ETH address for my TREZOR even when I select eth as the coin.