Using Trezor as my Ronin main wallet

How can i make my Trezor the main account in Axie infinitiy, and can i create more accounts under it for my scholars?

Hi @Jainer_Cabebe
When using third-party apps, beware, some of them create their own default wallet, different from a Trezor generated one. (For recovering such wallet you would need a recovery seed related to this wallet which is different from Trezor generated wallet.) This is the case of Ronin wallet as well.

Once you initialize Ronin wallet, there is a default account created. If you wish to use it, then you need to keep your Ronin seed phrase to recover and access this account whenever needed. This account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts. The same accounts are generated in MetaMask, MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are Trezor generated accounts and can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed. (in Ronin they are marked with word Hardware in blue bubble)

Like this you can pair several accounts with your Trezor hardware wallet.

so can i make multiple accounts in trezor that is integrated to ronin?

yes you can import up to 50 accounts generated and backed up by Trezor into your Ronin walllet.

hi @MichalZ michals can you help me my asset is in trezor i want it to put out but i can log in my account using trezor and when i connect it in hardware wallet i cannot fine the address of my trezor that have my asset
what will i do?