Using the Lightning Network

Can I use my Trezor Wallet (which I love, by the way!) on the Lightning Network? I am informed that it is a way to speed transactions and reduce transaction fees.

Hi @Steamdude,

currently, Lightning Network is not integrated into the Trezor ecosystem, the easiest way to use Lightning for payments is to install a Lightning wallet on your mobile phone or another device. The Lightning Network is not intended for large sums of money, and can not provide the same security as your hardware wallet, so it should be reserved for bitcoin that you plan to spend.

We plan to support LN in the future (at least partially). You can subscribe to our newsletter through our form that is located at the bottom of our website ( and follow our blog at and Twitter profile at News connected with LN support will be announced there and on this forum.

You can also find basic information on how we suggest using LN for now in this post: Using the Lightning Network with your hardware wallet | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

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