Using ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite

i dont have that drop down

I see. My screenshot was from the Trezor Suite and you use Trezor Wallet. From your screenshot it seems you have no token in this particular account, otherwise there would be an arrow next to ETH in the amount field:


I might have misunderstood your issue. Do I understand it correctly you see your ERC20 token in the ETH account and when you click on Send in this account, you have no choice to sent out the token?
Or you don’t see the token you have sent to your ETH address in your account?

yes i can see my tokens in the transactions as the screenshot above. But i cant select them in the send window. I dont know how to get my tokens out of the transaction area.

Do you see LINK in your balance in the summary tab?

If not, add it by typing LINK. You should be able to send it once in the summary.

is trezor compatible with erc-20 tokens? like BICONOMY or RADAR

i want to store my tokens in trezor wallet to be safe, i don’t trust software wallet

yes, every ERC20 token can be stored using Trezor device.
As long as you are able to find the desired token on you can simply copy its contract address and add it to Trezor Suite.

In order to add desired token (and be able to send it) please navigate to your ETH account in Trezor Suite and click on three dots (right up corner) and add token address:

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I’m wanting to move some SKALE onto the Trezor Model T, 1st time. I see that it’s not supported by Trezor Suites at this time. Since it’s a ERC-20 token, I should just be able to send it to my Trezor’s ETH receive address and it should appear?? Manage it via MetaMask or different ETH waller? Appreciate the help.

I see the above post and added the SKL contact address into Trezor Suite and my MM wallet, the token is there now. I’ll wait for gas fees to come down before making the xfer to my Trezor ETH receive address.

Do I need to have ETH in my wallet to ad ERC20 tokens?


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this post. I see a list of ERC 20 tokens in my Trezor Suite and I would like to send them to my Coinbase wallet. Is there any documentation to tell me how to do this?
Whenever I click on a token it just brings with a huge page of information. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you

I’ve imported INJ to my Trezor one Token tab using the correct ERC20 Ethereum contract address 0xe28b3b32b6c345a34ff64674606124dd5aceca30, then on Binance withdrawal page as soon as I scanned the Trezor ETH address QR code, it recognised the network as BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), however, it doesn’t have any ETH symbol in the network list.

Does that means it would still deliver my INJ to my ETH address in Trezor via BEP20 network?

I checked the BEP20 address for INJ and it’s a different address, so how binance withdrawal system found my ETH address as BEP20 is strange for me.


@sc284 Hi, tokens can exist on several different networks at the same time, for each network the contract address will be different.

But your ETH address is always same and you can receive tokens from all networks.

When withdrawing from Binance just select to withdraw via ERC20 network.

Many thanks, I saw the very informative video you have posted earlier. However, normally in Binance if the address is incorrect it gives a message that their system couldn’t find the network and we have to select manually but in my case it finds the network automatically.

Here is exactly what I did:
Trezor1 > Dashboard > ETH > Tokens > … three dots > Add Tokens > Found and copy INJ ERC20 contract address from > Pasted the address in the provided box in Trezor > import. Now I see the following:
INJ-Injective Token 0 INJ £0.00
Then on Trezor I did the following:
Receive > Show full address & QR code > go to binance > Select INJ > withdraw > scan the Trezor QR code > network type gets filled automatically as BNB Smart Chain and has no ERC20 (ETH) to select. All I see is BEP2/20 and Injective Protocol.

Does that means it would still deliver my INJ to my ETH address in Trezor via BEP20 network?


then Binance does not offer INJ as ERC20, there is nothing you can do about that. You can receive it as bep20.

Thanks, will bep20 tokens still worth if Binance go bankrupt?

you already have the answer in the other topic you opened.

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Hi, I’ve transfered ERC20 tokens to my Trezor ETH wallet as shown in the videos. Now I can see those tokens and their amounts (in token and in USD) but the wallet/account shows 0 USD. Only when you go to “Tokens” you can see the balances.
Why is not adding up the tokens amount in USD and show it at the top? From the dashboard it appears there’s nothing on that wallet.

Yes, that is how the tokens are shown. The Dashboard balance is only for ETH.

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