Using Daedalus with Trezor Model T and Trezor Suite behaviour

I can successfully receive and send ADA via Daedalus that is paired with my Model T.

When I look my wallet in Trezor Suite, I can’t get wallet to list my ADA wallet.

How can I get Trezor Suite to my ADA assets?

Thank you

Hi @kiboko,

Although Cardano (ADA) is supported by the Trezor hardware (Model T), the wallets for Trezor don’t support it yet. That means you can’t see or work with ADA from, for instance, Trezor Suite - yet. You must use a third party wallet for now, like Yoroi or AdaLite. See here for more details.

ADA support for Trezor Suite is scheduled for the next release, in November.

Hi @Petosiris,

This a great news. It would be great to be able both see and and work with ADA natively in Trezor Suite.

A couple questions that I hope you can answer:

  1. I was not able to tell for the GitHub PR comments if the ADA integration will include native ADA token support? Now that Alonzo is out we will see native tokens in our Cardano addresses.
  2. I do not expect Staking ADA support in the this up coming update, but it would be great to hear that it is on on the roadmap. Smash.

Thanks again for the Nov update heads up.

  1. I don’t know the details about the ADA implementation, other than what I can read on GitHub, but as far as I understand, Trezor already have native ADA support, it’s just the Trezor Suite wallet that needs updating.
  2. I don’t know about that either, sorry.

There’s a backlog for Trezor Suite too though, if you want to look at it.

Thanks again. You have been super helpful and a credit to the Trezor community.