Used Ledger Seed on Trezor. I don't see my BTC on Trezor. Still appears on Ledger


I recently purchased my Trezor 1 and I absolutely love it. I set it up using the same 24 seed phrase I use on my Ledger. While my Ledger shows a positive BTC balance, my Trezor shows Zero BTC. I thought that a recover seed can be used to access the BTC blockchain from either Trezor or Ledger or any device. Am I missing something? Thanks for you help!

Hi @fcbriggs

Do you use passphrase feature?
Also, what wallet interface do you use ?

@MichalZ - thanks for the reply. Good questions. No passphrase feature. I am using Trezor Suite as the interface.

alright, could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me with a ticket ID as some sensitive information such as TxID or interface screenshots will be required, thank you.
Thank you

Thanks @MichalZ. I just opened the ticket.

in the subject of autoreply you received there is your ticket ID could you please provide it? thank you

Here’s the ID 102422. thanks!

Hi @fcbriggs we’ve just replied to your ticket, please check your mailbox.

Thanks, Niyak. I just replied.