Use Trezor Model T as OTP and/or static key provider

Hi folks,

Want to leave here a suggestion to take even more advantage from this great device.

I’ve seen some interesting features with YubiKey devices, like OTP, static password, key generator, and other features cool features in terms of authentication, password handling.

Can we have equivalent features?



That seems to be Yubi’s proprietary authentication method. Trezor T supports FIDO resident credentials which is headed for cross-platform support sometime Soon™.

static password

A neat little feature, although personally I’d go for a password manager instead of this every time.

There is a couple much better usecases for this sort of tech: entering TOTP keys automatically, passthrough for Trezor Password Manager, maybe others. Unfortunately there are also some technical limitations in the way. But it could happen. At some unspecified point in the future.

key generator

Not sure what exactly you mean. You can use Trezor to generate recoverable passwords and/or cryptographic keys. I use this script to have my Trezor generate an encryption key for Restic. The result is derived from my seed; if I recover my Trezor and run this script, I will get the same key back.

other features cool features in terms of authentication

You can use your Trezor to log in over SSH or sign with PGP. Trezor T also supports the FIDO2 standard which itself enables many cool authentication usecases.