USDT supported or not in trezor one

Hello! I have a trezor one model. As I can see in the description, usdt coins are supported in my trezor, but there is no wallet for them. How can I store usdt on trezor one?

Hello @Alex2

Depending on the network you are using you should add manually the addresses.

Just be sure you send usdt to the correct chain/address.

Usdt erc20 is different from usdt polygon or usdt solana

ERC20 tokens can be received using an Ethereum account. A number of other cryptocurrencies can also be accessed using third-party wallets.

Receive payments


I have some usdt (trc 20) on a crypto stock. I want to send them to my trezor. What should I choose on my trezor for recieving?

TRC20 standard is not supported in Trezor, for USDT you have to use ERC20 or Omni