Upgraded firmware and sw version and tx activity unavailable on SOL

why has my trezor debited my solana account and doesnt show the tx ??? the deposit has also not been received by the exchange for over 30 mins ??
I noticed there was a tx record but could not open the details ???
can someone please advise ?

the tx was in this field and then disappeared ? n. was unable to see the details.

Hello @Rambles,

The issue you’re encountering typically stems from network fees, especially since Solana can experience fluctuations in fee spikes. Currently, the Trezor Suite does not allow for manual fee adjustments, as the prevailing fee is aligned with industry standards. However, we are actively investigating methods to enable user control over these fees. I agree that the notification is misleading as it triggers once the transfer is initiated, but it does not wait for the successful confirmation. In the Solana network, your transaction needs to be confirmed within minutes before it is dropped by the network.

In the interim, I recommend attempting your transaction multiple times, ensuring there are a few minutes intervals between each attempt, given that the fees change dynamically.

You can also try to use a third-party wallet compatible with the Trezor device and Solana, which at this time is only the Nufi wallet (https://wallet.nu.fi/). There, you will be able to pair your Trezor device, see your funds.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I hope I will be able to offer a better solution in the future…

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