Upgrade of Trezor Suite - Can't access my wallet

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Hello, I been very confused with an upgrade of Trezor Suite. Been using Trezor since 2019-02-06 and had no problems at all. Aproximately 7 hours ago I was notified (as I needed to connect to my wallet) to upgrade trezor, I did and since then I can’t get access to my wallet. I have recovery seeds and passphraze code which I had written on a given blanket, since purchasing Trezor on 1st day, but my wallet keeps making new wallets. I can see my balance on my wallet through blockchain.com. I am very frustrated with myself and trezor wallet, spending 7 hours without sleep (its 6 ocklock in the morning) trying to access my wallet, been reading forums and tutorials, watching videos, nothing helps. I can’t afford 20 days (even a day), until team reaches me. Please help me, at least calm me down and tell me that, my finance is not lost. I can prove my account through binance withdrawals. Going crazy, HELP PLEASE

Even if you wip your trezor and then use recovery seeds to restore your wallet, can’t you access your wallet? Is the eth wallet receiving address not the original one?

No, it makes a new wallet. Although my 25th phraze is 100% correct

after you write down your seedword ,this is your first time to recover your wallet ?

Have you used any method to confirm the correctness of the seedword and passphraze you recorded twice?
In addition, what currency did you say that your trezor generated a new wallet? btc? eth? This is very important. If it is an eth wallet, I might have a solution.

Nothing helps, waiting for support. It takes so long :frowning:

Please someone why support is taking so long, I am going crazy. What should I do and how long to wait?

if your seedphraze is wrong , you will have a hard time recovering a successful wallet, so your seedphrazee should be correct.
did you create more than one account under one btc wallet ? did you use “Add account” ?
If you only use the default initial account in the hidden wallet, it is impossible to not find the wallet.
There is only one possibility that the passphrazee is incorrect.

Try adding a space after passphrazee. Maybe you accidentally pressed it when you first entered passphrazee.

I had been using it since 2019, passphraze is 100% correct. After stupid update everything had changes. I used to the old website, this is insane. I just dont get it, why is this happening to me

you can still use the old website

I have used it, doesnt work

I also used to use MEW to get access to my ETH wallet, it also has dissapeared and creates a new and a blank wallet. Although my adress https://etherscan.io/address/0x798d909b65c27473c352b04f85e0031644fd3929#tokentxns and I had used my passphraze to confirm transactions. I am 100% sure that my passphraze is correct. Where is support?

Trezor on oficcial website claims 5 star support, it’s awful 3 days and nothing!?

It turned out to be an eth wallet.
Connect trezor to the metamask wallet, enter the hidden wallet, and then there will be a lot of address options, look for your address among them.

I dont need ETH wallet as it is basically no balance. I need my BTC wallet back, thank you for your help, but you seem to not understand me. I tried everything I am not stupid and I have experience using this wallet as I had it since 2019 and my passphraze is 100% correct as I had used it ( last transaction to binance 2021-05-11)

This stupid update is ruining my life and no support, I cant sleep and eat. HELP

I suggest you go to other posts to @ Community manager

Hi @Artur, we’ve replied to your ticket, please check your mailbox. To make a brief summary here, it seems you don’t have the correct private keys, hence no balance, no transaction history and different receiving addresses.
Thanks @BtcLtc for bringing our attention to this.

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You’re welcome
I couldn’t solve this problem, so I used the ultimate skill: Summon the Administrator :joy:

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