[UPDATE] Trezor Suite and firmware update March 2023

New updates to Trezor Suite (version 23.3.2) and Model One Firmware (1.12.1) are here!

Updates focus on broader background improvements which set the stage for the upcoming major releases’ features


When will this new version for Trezor Suite roll out?
I currently have version 23.2.1 and get no updates here.

Maybe this is an update only for people in the Early Access Program.

it did yesterday, as this post says :slight_smile: 23.3.2

it is public one

When I go to Settings → Application → Application → Suite version and press the Check for updates button, I get the informative message “No new updates available”.

Yesterday was 23.3.15 … How is 23.3.2 linked to yesterday’s date then?

there is no such version, yesterday was 23.3.2…

here is the full list, including EAP (pre-release): Releases · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub

I know there is no such version. But when you said “it did yesterday, as this post says 23.3.2”, as if the version number would point to yesterday’s date and that’d be self-explanatory. I didn’t understand that so I said “Yesterday was 23.3.15”, meaning the date, not a version number.

Looking up a version number in an external link to see the release date, is another thing.

Anyway, this doesn’t explain why Trezor Suite won’t update here.

not sure, try to reset it or install it manually, but if you are in EAP you should have gotten 2 updates between your version and yesterday’s

I’m not in EAP. Will try to reset or install it manually. Thanks!

Edit March 17: Reset did nothing to solve discovery of the update.

@Petosiris the update is being rolled out gradually.
However it should be bumped to 100% of the users by now. Could you confirm that Trezor Suite has been already updated for you ?

Thanks for this info, @MichalZ. Yes, Trezor Suite updated when I started it just now.

Why wasn’t this informed about in the original announcement?
And why is it necessary to roll out the update gradually now? I’ve always tried to be quick to update and it’d always worked before.