Unsucsessful BTC to ETH exchange

Dear support,

I’ve made the exchange - BTC to ETH via SideShift, but unfortunately my ETH (around 5K USD) did not arrive.

The same day I’ve already made the same exchange of about the same amount, and everything went ok.

The thing is, my internet connection has dropped during the “pending” status of the exchange, after the BTC was sent. The BTC transaction has been already confirmed, anyway. But there’s no that ETH in my wallet.

Would you please help me out?


Hi @kb12521,

Have you contacted Sideshift support about this? If not, that should be your first action since it happened there. There’s also an email address you can use to contact support.
See more: https://help.sideshift.ai/en/articles/6003437-how-will-my-users-receive-support-from-sideshift-ai

Petosiris, thank you for the reply.

An off topic question - do I understand correctly that there can be a bunch of bitcoin addresses bound to one specific wallet, and any of them can be used for receiving coins? Including the address that is marked “unused”?

Yes, that is correct. It’s advised that you use different addresses each time though and don’t re-use old ones but only use the unused address, for privacy reasons.

Ok got you Petosiris, thanks.

Sorry if it’s obvious but I need to double/triple check. I can use any of those addresses in that list to receive coins on my wallet, even the ones that are not “fresh”, right?

yes, you can reuse any of your addresses to receive coins.