Unsuccessful transaction in ChangeNow all funds missing

LTC for ADA exchange done. “Trade was unsuccessful. Please contact exchange with following data to resolve this issue” which i of course did. Autoreply telling me to wait 5 hours. I can find the Transaction, it has gone to another LTC account and “was spent” about 4 hours AFTER i contacted the support. I have never used ChangeNow and this was my first Trezor Exchange. Not really happy with the outcome so far. So this went from a “pending” transaction to “unsuccessful”. They took my LTC and i did NOT get any ADA. Any ideas on how to get ChangNow to respond?


sorry to hear about your issue. I suggest to remind yourself to ChangeNow as we need to hear from them first. Let me know, if there will be any issue with their communication. Thank you.

Thank You will do. all I got was there a pre-programmed response of five hours. It’s now been 32 still no response

fyi i also DM them on Reddit. no response.


thanks for the information. Let’s give it a bit more time, it’s usually slower over the weekend.