Unknown token contract on Trezor T Device

I sent Bone Shiba Swap, My Neighbour Alice, Fetch.ai, Sandbox and.Floki Inu. directly to Trezor T wallet. I decided to send them back to exchange but unfortunately my Trezor T device is showing a different address to the one that was provided by exchanges - Coinbase, Gate and Lbank ( for receiving) and identified them as unknown token contract.

I have successfully sent Cryptos previously. Furthermore, The Trezor Suite and firmware are up to date.

Could you please help me?

Thank you so much

The token contract address is something other than the destination address.

For instance, you can see Floki contract addresses on this page under Contracts: FLOKI price today, FLOKI to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

There’s two addresses, one on the Ethereum network and the other on Binance network.

You are supposed to check that the contract address is what you expect – this confirms that you are in fact sending Floki tokens and not something else.

If the contract address matches, only then you will see confirmation for the destination address.